Director: Armando Crispino
Starring: Mimsy Farmer, Barry Primus, Raymond Lovelock, Carlo Cattaneo, Angela Goodwin

AUTOPSY (1975) is one of those movies I missed upon it’s original theatrical release. It played at the AMPHI drive theatre in Portland, Oregon. I was too young and I couldn’t get my dad to take me. “C’mon dad, it’s called AUTOPSY, how bad could it be?” I had to wait for this beautiful restoration DVD release from Anchor Bay. Limited on extras, this disc does make up for it with a terrific telecine transfer of the original print materials.

Mimsy Farmer plays a doctor who is researching a rash of suspicious suicides that may be in truth, actual homicides. Her father has become a suspect in the mysterious deaths and she goes on a expedition to try to figure things out and exonerate her father. She is plagued by day dreams (nightmares) of the dead coming to life, attempted rapes and her shocking desire for kinky sex with men and woman. Mimsy Farmer dives into this role with enthusiasm. The first 20 minutes has her going through some rather graphic torment making this leading lady on the top of my charts as being a total trooper. Set in Italy, director Armando Crispino delivers what is one of the best giallos I have ever seen. Action-packed and creepy, he tells this story with all the style of Argento but with the logic and coherency of Hitchcock. I have always felt this director was under rated. The Ennio Morricone score is VERY affective and Carlo Carlini’s cinematography is spot on, crisp and beautiful. The gorgeous Ray Lovelock radiates with beauty here and his sex scenes with Mimsy Farmer are totally erotic (both do FULL nudity). The original title of this movie was THE VICTIM but as with most US imports from Italy, a more obvious title was chosen for “commercial” reasons. Highly recommended.