Director: Mariano Baino
Starring: Louise Salter, Valeri Bassel, Mariya Kapnist

One of the last true Italian horror films has finally been given the attention it deserves with the upcoming release from NoShame.

Originally released on a bare bones, poor quality DVD through York Home Video as DEAD WATERS, Mariano Baino’s Lovecraftian horror film’s new incarnation on DVD is more than anyone could have bargained for. This release will be limited to only 3000 and will include a special 48 page collector’s booklet as well as a replica of the Stone Amulet from the film. The 2 DVDs will contain the original film, digitally remastered and uncut for the first time, plus four short films never before released.

Starring Louise Salter and Mariya Kapnist, DARK WATERS tells the story of a British woman who travels to a remote island upon discovering that her father has left a large sum of money to a local convent there. Her arrival gains her little information from the secretive nuns, but her further investigations lead to a horrific and unbelievable discovery which may result in the awakening an ancient evil that has been imprisoned within the convent wall.