Director: Gary Sherman
Starring: Sharon Gurney, Donald Pleasence, David Ladd, Norman Rossington, Donald Pleasence, Hugh Armstrong, June Turner

Originally released as DEATHLINE, Gary Sherman’s RAW MEAT (1973) stars Christopher Lee, David Ladd and Donald Pleasence.

An unknown assailant stalks the London subway stations, leading Scotland Yard to discover that a group of miners caught in a cave-in during the 19th century have somehow managed to survive through the years by sustaining themselves off of the flesh of their dead. Now the sole surviving cannibal is loose and searching for a mate to continue his bloodline… and prepare his next meal.

Containing one of the most cinematic long shots in horror movie history and boasting a surreal comedic performance from Pleasence as Inspector Calhoun, RAW MEAT sits comfortably among the best horror films to be released in the early seventies. Anyone familiar with Christopher Smith’s CREEP (2004) should take a look at RAW MEAT to see exactly where Smith ripped off his ideas.

MGM’s DVD release offers the film in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio, enhanced for 16×9 widescreen TVs. The only extra feature is an original theatrical trailer but the remastered transfer alone is worth the small price tag.

Sherman went on to direct DEAD & BURIED, VICE SQUAD and WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. He has recently returned to the genre with the soon to be released faux snuff movie, 39: A FILM BY CARROLL McKANE.