Director: Ted Sikora
Starring: Perren Hedderson, Jocelyn Wrzosek

Hero Tomorrow follows David, a dejected comic book creator, and his manic, wannabe fashion designer girlfriend, Robyn. When Robyn designs a Halloween costume for David based on his original character, Apama, David decides that in order for him to fully connect to his character, he has to become Apama and fight crime.

Overall, Hero Tomorrow is enjoyable. You won’t know why you enjoyed it, you just will. Whether you sympathize with Robyn or David’s unconventional relationship with each other and reality, their odd adventure is peculiar and catchy. Apama gives David the outlet he needs to become his own superhero, while Robyn uses Apama’s unusual behavior to anchor herself to sanity.

There’s something to be said about a movie like Hero Tomorrow. With next to no budget for any sort of special effects, makeup, costumes, hell, even a decent camera, it does a shockingly good job at entertaining. Had Batman grown up extremely poor and a giant comic book nerd, he would have very well turned out like Apama. Thank goodness for the Wayne fortune.