Director: Srdan Golubovic
Starring: Neboisa Glogovac, Natasa Ninkovic, Anica Dobra, Miki Manojlovic

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What happens to the souls of loving and caring parents when their child is dying and they can’t afford the operation that is desperately needed, has been the subject of more conventional films like JOHN Q, starring Denzel Washington. But JOHN Q, which in my opinion was underrated and only slightly contrived, positively pales in comparison to THE TRAP.

Set during a lonely winter in Serbia, a struggling husband and wife are suddenly confronted with the grim reality that their young son’s occasional loss-of-breathing spells is the result of a damaged heart. Unless they can quickly raise the thirty-thousand euros for a specialized operation abroad, their son’s episodes will become more frequent and more intense with the child eventually unable to recover.

This sets in motion a desperate attempt on the part of the parents to obtain the needed funds. While some friends and colleagues do what they can, others, trying to hang on to the money they have managed to put back, are either indifferent to their needs or unable to help. This prompts the wife to take out an ad in the newspaper; in essence begging for help. As the designated care-taker, the husband and father is not too keen on this move on the part of his wife, and does not believe anything will help.

With their son weak, pale and lying in a hospital bed, and the situation becoming more dire by the day, the once stable marital relationship starts to crumble, and with it, the spirit and mental state of both parents. But then, as if the heavens have suddenly opened, a good Samaritan emerges, offering to take care of everything. But, as the dutiful husband and father is about to discover, “help” in times of desperation, can sometimes come with a high price; in this case committing a murder.

I think any parent will agree that in certain circumstances, like the health and survival of your child, nothing is completely off limits. But could you murder someone in order to save your child’s life?

If you were told that the victim was a criminal and that you would be doing society a favor, and there was no way you would ever get caught, could you still do it? This is the question that is put forth in THE TRAP and the answers, ramifications and ultimately the consequences, are nothing short of startling, unexpected and ultimately heartbreaking .

Nominated, but ultimately ignored by the Academy Awards, THE TRAP is a pulverizing film experience; boasting performances that are strong and believable, with spot-on direction for a very challenging and difficult story. If you are able to shake the searing power of this movie anytime soon after viewing, you are a stronger man than me. THE TRAP is one of the best foreign films I have ever seen.

The DVD extras include the trailer, additional Film Movement trailers and the animated short film FALLEN.