Director: Stuart Gordon
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel

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When I was a kid the VHS box for FROM BEYOND totally creeped me out. When I finally got the nerve to rent and watch it, not only was I completely creeped out, but I was totally freaked out by just how weird the whole movie was. Dr. Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) and his phallic pituitary gland; slimy flesh-monster Dr. Pretorius (Ted Sorel) and his extreme sex games; poor Dr. McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) and her weak attempt at S&M. So many weird and crazy moments in one little film. Not to mention Ken Foren being eaten alive by imaginary killer bees from another dimension. Since then I have watched it again and again, each time enjoying it more than the last. Can’t wait for Shout Factory’s Blu-ray release on March 26th.


Dr. Pretorius and his colleagues are working on a sensational experiment: by means of stimulation of the pineal gland, they want to open the human mind to higher dimensions. When the experiment succeeds, however, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms, which apparently are floating around us all the time. When Dr. Pretorius is killed by one of them, Dr. Tillinghast is under suspect and thrown into the psycho ward due to his stories. Only the ambitious psychologist Dr. McMichaels believes him and wants to continue the experiment…

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