Oddity Cinema began back in 2002 with the opening of my first store front in Vancouver, British Columbia. I helped bring subversive cinema to the West Coast of Canada, even aiding in the creation of Cinemuerte, an International Horror Film Festival that took place in Vancouver from 1998 until 2005. After the first year, I decided to move a little East and opened another shop in Edmonton, Alberta.

Feeling the need to corrupt another city, I started the Return to Odd Film Festival, hoping to do the same for Edmonton as I had done for Vancouver. All went well but once again after a year an even further Eastern calling went out. This time I relocated all the way to the Maritimes, making my home Fredericton of all places. Not an easy place to corrupt but I did my best. At this point Oddity Cinema became more of a full on Cult & Horror Movies destination online. OddityCinema.com became a news and review site, merging the magazine and blog into one entity and the DVD shop was now called BuyHorrorMovies.com.

After a few more years of business, life started to take over and I ended up selling off BHM but kept the review site up and running for a little while. Oddity Cinema disappeared for a bit but I decided to get it back online for nostalgia’s sake, and to possibly write a few new reviews here and there.